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Advertising on KlydeMorris.com is a great way to promote your product or service to a vast and growing audience. Klyde Morris has been on the Internet for almost 3 years and has a loyal following of readers every week. The site currently has over 50,000 page views a month and more than 750 subscribers on our mailing list. These numbers reflect a constant growth to an audience who are in the aviation & aerospace industries - which represents over 3 million people!

Great Exposure to Aviation and Aerospace Enthusiasts World Wide:
Klyde Morris is enjoyed throughout the world as the leading cartoon dedicated to Aviation and Aerospace. Thousands of readers each day from the United States to Austrailia, Europe, and beyond log onto www.klydemorris.com to view the latest Antics from Aviation's Only Ant!

Many of our readers work for major airlines like United, American, and Delta (when they aren't being blocked by their IT department) or for large aerospace companies including Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and Lockheed Martin. Klyde even has fans in the FAA, NTSB, NASA, and many other U.S. government acronyms, plus general aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

If this sounds like the audience for your product or service then we want you to advertise with us!

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