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Licensing and Reprints

One-time Reprints:
One-time reprints of a Klyde Morris cartoon are available by contacting Klyde Morris Inc. The minimum fee for use of any single use of a Klyde Morris cartoon is $75.00 U.S. The following restrictions are applied to all re-use of any Klyde Morris cartoon:

1) Author/cartoonist Wes Oleszewski retains all rights to all of the images, concepts and content of every Klyde Morris cartoon and the allowance of any one-time use or multiple use there of, and or the payment of any fee for said use does not in any way state or imply any surrender of the author’s rights. All Klyde Morris cartoons remain protected under copyright 1978, and copyright 2001 Wes Oleszewski.

2) No part of any Klyde Morris cartoon that is licensed for one-time re-print may be altered, edited, or changed in any manner from the original cartoon that was published by Klyde Morris Inc. and authored by Wes Oleszewski.

3) The images, concepts and content of any Klyde Morris cartoon that is purchased for one-time reprint may not be removed from the cartoon and reproduced in any form. Such removal is in violation of the copyright held by author/cartoonist Wes Oleszewski. Use of the images, concepts and content of any Klyde Morris cartoon and application of same to any object without written permission of the author is forbidden.

4) The lettering “www.klydemorris.com” which appears between the frames of the cartoon or elsewhere in the cartoon may not be removed, altered or obliterated.

5) No part of any Klyde Morris cartoon may be used in any form of commerce or as any form of trademark without the written consent of author/cartoonist Wes Oleszewski and purchase of any cartoon or series there of does not imply such consent by the author.

6) All agreements concerning the one-time reprint of all or any Klyde Morris cartoon strips are restricted to the above statements by the cartoon’s author Wes Oleszewski. Agreements for one-time reprints of any Klyde Morris cartoon shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, U.S.A., regardless of the place or places of physical execution and or performance. Any actions brought by Klyde Morris Inc. or its user based on or arising out of the statements in the restrictions given here shall be brought exclusively in the Federal District Court of Maryland or in a state court located within the home district of Klyde Morris Inc. If any term or provision of the restrictions and conditions stated here is for any reason held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any other term of the restrictions for one-time reprint contained in this statement. This statement of restriction contains the entire understanding between Klyde Morris Inc., author/cartoonist Wes Oleszewski and the party who is requesting the reprint.

E-mail us for more info on Licensing and Reprints

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