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The Program

There came a day when Wolven Hoyt, the richest ant on earth decided to dedicate all of his assets, six billion bucks, to a program, the details and purpose of which were known only to him. Unfortunately, while announcing his program to the ant world, Mr. Hoyt suffered a stroke and croaked on live television before he could tell anyone what the program was about.

This circumstance left the management of the Hoyt foundation in a real spot. Without a program the government would take possession of Hoyt’s billions leaving no foundation to keep them employed and they would all be forced to go out and get real ant jobs such as twig relocation and puddle mapping.
With that in mind they conceived a plan to simply concoct a meaningless, yet spectacular program that would feed off of Hoyt’s billions and keep them employed for years to come. They recruited 50 expendable volunteers and established a base at a place called “Area 102”, (because it’s purpose is twice as secret as Area 51). There they began “The Program”.
In “The Program” there are rockets and launch pads,
screaming ant jets,
under sea exploration vehicles,

ants experiencing lots of G-forces,

and expert coverage by ant television’s dean of journalists, Walter Antcrite.

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Avion Newspaper

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