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The Story of Kathy

At our university, there are many hard-working individuals who have labored for years to do the business of the students and the school. As in any large company, occasionally, the odd “clinker” employee is hired and proceeds to become that one rotten apple in the basket.

The cartoon presented here was written after I had actually called, long-distance, from Michigan to check on a bundle of student aid that was due. It was then that I crossed paths with “Kathy” the vapor-headed rotten apple. She actually did exactly what the cartoon portrays, she placed me on “hold” and then went to the mall! I discovered this after waiting for a protracted time on “hold”, then hanging up and calling back asking for Kathy. “Oh,” the student assistant on the other end of the telephone line told me, “she’s gone for the day... she went to the mall.” Of course, she did this to exactly the wrong person.

Unknown to me, Kathy had been employed in the financial aid office for several weeks and her sluffing-off antics, among other things, were driving the rest of the staff absolutely nuts. Often she left the others in the office to tend to work that she had left un-done, or simply screwed up. By the time that the cartoon appeared, it was the last nail in Kathy’s gallows, and she was fired on the day that the strip was published- much to the delight of the other staff members in the financial aid office.

Later I was told by several members of the financial aid office staff, at least one of whom had the strip cut out and taped to her door, that they all had gotten a major kick out of the strip. They all thought that the strip’s last words, “So long Kathy”, were very fitting considering that it appeared on the same day that she was “out the door”.

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