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The Klyde Saga continues...Part 7

In the first year of klydemorris.com with the site being popularized by word of mouth alone, the statistics began to steadily rise with hits reaching a high of 1,082 per hour in March of 2000. Likewise, klydemorris.com was selected as Amazon.com’s site of the month in October of 1999. From the start, it was Wes’ desire to make Klyde Morris the ultimate aviation cartoon strip and the place where everyone involved in aviation in any way could go to escape the constraints of the aviation industry.

As is his trademark, Wes did not start off meekly, but went directly for the funniest target. In early Internet cartoons he did a series where he featured Scott O’Grady volunteering to go back into action in the sky over Kosovo in quest of being shot down again... so he could get another book deal. Then he morphed O’Grady into a wanna be Hollywood action hero named “Scott Basher”. Later in that first year Wes put Klyde through the abuse of the United Airlines pilot’s interview, and flew a fictitious doctor to Washington D.C. to have Geraldo’s nose removed from President Clinton’s butt. Wes also scored multiple hits on the television news media and their moronic coverage of aviation disasters. In this process he featured NTSB investigator Greg Feith as the ever-resilient professional forced to put up with media questions about how he managed to keep his hair so perfect. This series of cartoons was directly responded to by investigator Feith himself who asked for, and got, an autographed copy of the original. When the Boeing strike took place in early 2000, Klyde was there rooting for the little guys and sticking it to the blow-hards.

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