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The Klyde Saga continues...Part 8

Additionally, new characters and story lines were developed. Klyde’s pager, the evil minded antagonist, became a new character and Klyde’s computer became the pager’s accomplice. Klyde took up temporary employment at Boeing as their late-night, part-time switchboard operator in a spin-off from Klyde’s college days.

Klydemorris.com itself became a encyclopedia of Wes’ twisted cartoon world. From comments on ant society to outlines and histories of each character, the web site grew in size. Wes’ earliest cartoon series, 1975’s “Forage to the Bottom of the Sea” resides on the site for reader’s enjoyment plus unpublished and new works such as “Star Ant”, “The Ant Pilot’s Handbook”, the new “Forage to the Bottom of the Sea” and “The Program”. The original cartoons from Wes’ college decade appear with a classic strip being featured each week.

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